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America had to re-open faster than other countries

Whenever I hear people say: “The US had more cases because it reopened faster,” I think: yes, because too many other countries depend on the US. We can’t afford to stay closed for business. We subsidize the rest of the world in many ways, and one of those is through trade. We can’t stay shut […]

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Washington: an imperfect man but a true servant

“In surrendering the presidency after two terms and overseeing a smooth transition of power, Washington had demonstrated that the president was merely the servant of the people.”–Ron Chernow in “Washington: A Life” After watching the series “Turn: Washington’s Spies” last summer, I grew more interested in learning about George Washington.  He’s revered and even at […]

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Thoughts on churches opening despite executive orders

A few thoughts regarding the debate on whether churches should oppose and go against a governor’s executive order that says churches should close: Church members should do their best to follow and support their pastors and other leaders who have been entrusted with this type of decision making. Churches and church members shouldn’t fight against […]

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A chain reaction of layoffs

As someone who works directly in the labor market and who likes to read think tank pieces and articles by economists, it’s interesting to see smart people try to grapple in abstract terms with what I see every day. Many of the articles written are by people who are in academia or who have a […]

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Outreach and separation

Reading the books of Ezra and Nehemiah, it is very evident that God chose His people to be separated. Jesus refers to His people as a city set upon a hill (Matthew 5:14), so it’s obvious that He wants His people to be known and to be examples to those around Him. In John 17, […]