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Personal Connections vs. Artificial Intelligence

I am seeing a great disconnect between many people looking for work and many recruiters.

Recruiters love to talk about Artificial Intelligence and how it’s really helping them find more employees. There are tons of articles about AI and how it’s affecting recruiting and the workforce, including this article about how AI is influencing performance appraisals and open enrollment.

Meanwhile, I’m seeing many candidates complain about how recruiters seem to lack soft skills, are sometimes rude, and often don’t return calls.

Many candidates often are inundated with emails about jobs that don’t fit their needs.

In other words, many recruiters just aren’t personable.

In our quest to automate and to use technology to help us, let’s not leave behind personal connections. Often that’s hard work, and it involves a lot of time on the phone and lot of time of tedious conversation.

But personal connection still matters, even in the age of AI.

In fact, it matters more now than ever.

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