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Manufacturing jobs are the foundation of our economy

One of the biggest challenges in our economy is a long-taught and incorrect mindset that certain jobs are less important or second class to others.

Unfortunately, the jobs that are often considered to be second class are really the jobs that create the foundation of our economy and our society.

For example, many are taught that warehouse and manufacturing jobs are not as important as, say, marketing or sales jobs. Many have been taught they simply need to receive a “desk job” or a “professional” job.

It should come as no surprise, then, that now that manufacturing is booming again  manufacturers are struggling to find workers.

Much of the growth in our economy of late has been in manufacturing or distribution. If everyone were to receive a master’s degree or a PhD, we would still need truck drivers, forklift operators, warehouse workers, and machine operators.

We need to teach that manufacturing and other laborer jobs are noble and very important to our community. We would be lost if no one assembled our furniture, if no one made our clothes, if no one transported our food to us, or if no one loaded products into trucks to reach our grocery stores.

If you work in one of these jobs, thank you. We couldn’t do it without you.

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