The top focus of any business should be …

I was recently asked about my business and what my mission and vision was.

While I was answering those questions, I was reminded about how I first entered the world of recruiting and staffing.

It was a great exercise because it reminded me about the “why?” of my business. In other words, why am I doing this?

It is something I spent a lot of time thinking about when I was starting the business, but something that I dwelt less on as I got caught up in the day to day grind.

So what is the reason why I run a staffing company?

Staffing is all about people and giving them a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

This is crucial for any business owner or manager, because the best way for them to spend their time is by finding the best people possible, and then training them and treating them as well as possible.

I am constantly reminded of this as a small business owner. However, I learned this in the corporate world. Every week I would spend an hour talking with my company’s VP of Sales about our monthly revenue goals, and we would look at a spreadsheet with the monthly numbers and revenue targets on it. Occasionally we would talk about employees and how they were doing.

Through this process, I began to reflect on the most efficient method to grow revenue.

I realized that the best way to grow revenue and profitability was by doing three things:

1. Recruit and hire the best people possible.
2. Train employees well.
3. Treat the employees well.

It occurred to me that if I spent an extra hour a week focusing on these three things instead of an hour looking at numbers, our company numbers would be much higher! (Don’t misunderstand me: studying numbers is important.  It’s just not as important as investing in people.)

My mission for my company is to handle these three tasks well and teach our clients to focus on these tasks well.

It’s easy to forget what the focus is, with the busyness of checking emails and frantically checking off to-do lists. But if you focus on these tasks and handle them well, you will be focusing on the best return on investment possible.

An added bonus is that you will realize this is not only true about business, but it’s true about life. If you want to maximize your impact in this world and on life, focus on the people who mean a lot to you and how you can train them and treat them as well as possible.

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