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Trump quotes you probably never heard

“There is an old phrase you hardly ever hear anymore: ‘Made in America.’ We will start saying this again.”

“We love people coming in, but not illegally.”

“The fact is, we are overregulated. People can’t move. They are stymied. We are overregulated. Companies can’t be built.”

“Now we are going to open the gates to refugees to people from places like Syria, which is like extending a personal invitation to (terrorist organization) ISIS to come and live here and to destroy our country from within.”

“There are many reporters whom I have a lot of respect for, especially in the financial media. When the financial journalists interview you, they know what they are doing and they ask direct questions that can offer important information for their viewers. There is money at stake, and they don’t play the same silly gotcha games that the political media do. They can’t afford to.”

“I learned a long time ago that if you’re not afraid to be outspoken then the media will write about you or beg you to come on their shows. If you do things a little differently or say outrageous things and fight back, they love you. So sometimes, I make outrageous comments and give them what they want. … I am a businessman with a brand to sell. When is the last time you saw a sign hanging outside a pizzeria saying: ‘The Fourth best pizza in the world?”

“Let me state this clearly. I am not against immigration. My mother emigrated to this country from Scotland in 1918 and married my father, whose parents had come here from Germany in 1885. My parents were two of the best people who ever lived, and it was millions of people like them who made this country so wonderful and successful. I love immigration. Immigrants come to this country and want to work hard.”

“We don’t protect our borders. We don’t know who is here. But I bet, wherever they came from knows that they are gone. Yet those governments do nothing to help us. The estimate is that there are 11 million illegal immigrants living in America, but the fact is nobody knows how many there really are.”

“I have great respect for the people of Mexico. The people have tremendous spirit. I have been involved in deals with Mexican businessmen. But those businessmen aren’t the people the Mexican government is sending us. Too many people have forgotten the Mariel boatlift. In 1980, Fidel Castro told the Cuban people that anyone who wanted to leave Cuba was free to do so. President (Jimmy) Carter opened our borders to anyone who came here. Except Castro was too smart for him. He emptied Cuba’s prisons and insane asylums and sent his biggest problems here. … More than 125,000 Cubans came here, and despite there being many, many great ones, some were criminals, or had mental problems. More than 30 years later we’re still dealing with that. Does anyone really believe that the Mexican government, or that matter, all the governments in South or Central America didn’t get that message? The Mexican government has published pamphlets explaining how to legally emigrate to the United States.”

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