NYT piece is disgraceful

I’m reading through one of The New York Times articles on Trump’s tax returns. It is full of editorializing and innuendo. It’s unethical for a newspaper that claims to be objective.

It would be OK if HuffPost wrote this way because it doesn’t claim to be objective, but it’s not OK for The New York Times. The Times is taking advantage of its long-held reputation and being downright dishonest.

Check out this excerpt from The Times piece:

“Is there a financial clue to his deference to Russia and its president, Vladimir V. Putin? Did he write off as a business expense the hush-money payment to the pornographic film star Stormy Daniels in the days before the 2016 election? Did a covert source of money feed his frenzy of acquisition that began in the mid-2000s?”

The excerpt reminds me of this scene from the movie The Social Network:

“Marylin Delpy “I’ve been licensed to practice law for all of 20 months and I could get a jury to believe you planted the story about Eduardo and the chicken. Watch what else. Why weren’t you at Sean’s sorority party that night?

“Mark Zuckerberg : You think I’m the one who called the police?

“Marylin Delpy Doesn’t matter. I asked the question and now everyone’s thinking about it. You’ve lost your jury in the first ten minutes.”

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